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Three-Day Potty Training: One Month Progress Report


Four weeks ago yesterday, we undertook a major parenting challenge—potty training. And despite some messes and some funny stories, it really wasn’t as hard as I expected.Outings are no longer a "crap shoot." We can go out and about sans diapers, without me being in constant fear!

I’d say we’re just about there. We have one to two accidents a week, and those almost always happen when he’s really tired or he’s really mad. Nic tells us when he needs to go, can hold it until we get to a potty (as long as it’s close), and will usually go when we present him the opportunity. He’s using little potties, potty rings and even public toilets. He goes pee and poop without hesitation. I’m really proud of the progress he’s made, and I am less and less nervous each time we venture out of the house together.

We’re still in diapers for naps and bedtime, but I don’t expect to sleep potty train him until he’s in a big boy bed.

I’d say our biggest remaining obstacle is the “spite pee.” This has happened twice (the most recent was about 15 minutes ago). He does it when we tell him he can’t do something and feeling particularly stubborn. He’ll look right at us and let loose. I have a feeling that we’ll have a lot of this when the new baby gets here.

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with the “spite pee?”

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