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Stop, Drop and Roll


At Elle's preschool today, one of the dads who is a fireman came to speak to the class. Parents were invited to stick around for his little presentation so we did as I thought Reid might like it to see all the gear. I didn't realize it was also a wake up call for me and my lack of safety education for Elle. As a four-year-old she is fully capable of following a safety plan. So, I thought it might be a good reminder for other parents too. Just a little refresher course since it's been a while for most of us.

First, teach your children what to do should they catch fire. We all remember this, right? Stop, drop and roll! 

Second, set up a plan with your child in case a fire happens. How do they get out and where do you all meet up? When describing this, it's important to talk about how to navigate a house on fire. The fireman today told the kids to put their hand close to the door to see if the knob was hot. If it was, back away as the fire is outside of their door. (Before a fire, you should best determine and discuss alternative ways to get out if their door isn't an option.) If their dooknob isn't hot, they should open the door, stay low to the ground, get out of the house and meet at the meeting spot.

Third, remember to explain the fire alarms, how they work and what they mean. Also, show them pictures of actual firemen in gear so they know not to be afraid when they see one. It's surprisingly kind of scary! 

Any other tips to share? I'm sure I've missed some!


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