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10 Reasons Why My Daddy Rocks

Happy Father’s Day to an incredible daddy who learned from an awesome granddaddy on how to be the best granddaddy ever! I love you and am so thankful my children have you as a grandfather…after all a granddaddy is just a daddy with no rules. You’ve always been there for me. So much of who I am stems from you, your support, your love. I thought it might be fun to share some of the amazing reasons why I lucked out having you as a daddy.

1.       I’ve always come first. Or I should say family has always come first. It didn’t matter if it was the middle o f harvest or who knows what, but my daddy has never hesitated when it came to caring or helping me or my sister.

2.       You’re a jokester. You may be a little quiet but you’re really funny and were never quiet behind closed doors. You also came up with funny nicknames for all my friends and love to tease them (in a kind way of course.)

3.       Your songs are classics. I still sing the songs you made up while I was in school: “It’s tardy time” and “Trash Day” to my kids. I know they will someday sing them to theirs. Though my infection isn’t as good as yours!

4.       You’re great a making tuna fish sandwiches! Well, and a lot more than that. You aren’t just a daddy that can cook, you make delicious food! From mashed potatoes, fall-off-the-bone ribs and creamed corn, your mama taught you right! I remember coming home from lunch in high school and you always had something yummy for us whether it was scwan’s man haddock squares, mini pizzas or a hot plate from the rice paddy.

5.       You always protected me. Whether I was in high school, college or way off in San Francisco, you never failed to check in on me EVERY day . Your love knows no end!

6.       You haven’t ever missed an event. From my children’s birthday to a dance recital, you have always been in attendance and eager to help if needed. You made a beautiful balloon chandelier for Elle’s first birthday and an awesome train track made out of tape for Reid’s.

7.       The kids come first. No matter what you always put the kiddos first. You easily change from your show to Disney Jr. without them asking. You take them rides on the Gator to see the animals and teach them the animal sounds. You’ve taught them words, how to be silly and how to wrap their granddaddy around their finger.

8.       You love animals. We joke that our house is a house where all the stray animals go. You’ve never turned away a dog or a cat. You let us have rabbits when we were younger and even built them a cage! You taught us how to care for chickens. We even had hamsters and parakeets.

9.       You shared the life lessons of Andy Griffith, laughs from The Three Stooges and the classics: Gilligan’s Island and The Munsters.

10.   You love my mom. You and mom are so cute together and two little peas in a pod. You’ve stood strong together and showed me the true meaning of team work in a marriage and how women should be treated and loved.

There is no way I can capture everything my daddy has done and continues to do to show how much of an impact he has made on my life and my children’s but I know they are all locked up in my head and heart and am so grateful for such a great man for me and my children to look up to.

Happy Father’s Day daddy! We love you so much!

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