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Losing the Last Nap

Oh naptime, the sole respite of the weary caregiver. Even if it’s full of laundry folding, returning work emails or wrangling another non-napping child, it’s still a little slice of almost-peace in the whirlwind of the day.

Watching the talking veggies at Gilroy Gardens instead of napping.Well, it’s just about over for me—Z is ready to drop his nap. I let him stay up all day about six days a week, but he’ll still go down on days that I really need him to sleep. (Like this week when I’m planning to put him down for a nap when our new, awesome teenage babysitter comes while I go to a work lunch and a doctor appointment. It’s hard for me to be in the house with both of them awake for five hours and I don’t want to scare her away. Hopefully, Z’s weekly nap will give her at least few hours with only Nic awake).

There is something pretty cool about losing the nap though. We can do family outings late in the day and enjoy longer outings with less planning. For instance, we went to Gilroy Gardens yesterday on the spur of the moment, even after we went to a morning Kindergarten playdate for Nic. We played in splash pads, spun on giant garlics and ate pizza until bedtime. It was awesome.

I know I’ll miss the nap on most days, at least until the boys start school in the fall. (Today I fell asleep in the middle of Nic’s bedtime out of sheer exhaustion.) But I am looking forward to that impromptu, more fluid fun that our looser schedule will allow. Bring it on! 

The last double nap, likely ever.

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