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A Stroller for Two


Though I have a City Select, which is fantastic, we recently picked up another double stroller that wasn't as expensive to take on airplane trips and also use on different occasions. It's the Graco RoomFor2 Stand and Ride stroller. Let me tell you - I love this baby! It is actually easy to steer than my City Select (with the car seat on), folds up easily and compactly and best of all my toddler loves it. It is not without its faults but with the price tag of $140, it does a good job.

Here's some pros/cons:


- My graco car seat snugly snaps in - it's like a snap n go with a seat for my toddler too

- When I'm through with the car seat, there is a seat up front with a canopy for my little guy

- There is a try on the front with two cup holders and a built in storage container with two cup holders on top. 

- My toddler loves that she can climb in and out whenever she feels the need - no more buckling and unbuckling in a seat (there is a buckle on this seat if you want to use it.)

- Folds up as small as single strollers

- Price


- Only has canopy for front seat

- Storage isn't super easy to access. You have to generally put things in/take them out from the sides

- Doesn't stand up after you fold it up

- Toddler can't nap in the stroller


All in all, I'm really happy with this purchase. I'm planning a review of my City Select soon so you can see the differences for yourself.


MommyBeta Baby Likes New BABYBJÖRN Bouncer


BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Balance SoftThis morning Jennifer and I attended a BABYBJÖRN hosted breakfast to introduce the new version of their classic bouncing seat called the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Balance Soft. We’re fans! I have the classic Babysitter Balance and my five-week old son enjoys it lots and when he tested the new Bouncer today, he too was a fan.

The Bouncer Balance features an updated design and new colors. It has three adjustable seating positions - play, rest, and sleep. I like that it’s not battery operated. A baby’s own movements gently rocks the chair, which promotes more of a self soothing behavior. So for example, if a baby falls asleep, the movement will stop and the baby will not learn to need the constant movement. Thumbs up for this feature, I like!

Greyson chill'n in the BABYBJÖRN Bouncer Balance SoftSomething I didn’t know about the classic bouncer and this new Bouncer Balance Soft is that the fabric is reversible, so that you can transform the bouncer into a chair when your child can walk on their own. Brilliant. My toddler is constantly trying to climb into her little bros’ bouncer. Now she can use it as a chair!

Also pointed out to me today is that the bouncer can be used when first starting your child on solid foods. Good idea. I remember using the Bumbo, but I think this is a better option.

The Bouncer Balance Soft is recommended for ages 0-2 years or up to 29 pounds. The prices range from $199.95 for cotton fabric to $219.95 for mesh and organic fabrics. For more information visit



5 Tips For Getting Out of the House with Two

I remember how terrified I was to leave the house during the first month of brining home my first. With a toddler, there is no time to be terrified of anything! Especially getting out of the house. It's a necessity. Here are some tips I'm using to help get out of the house (super helpful on school days). 

  • Choose outfit the night before: Getting dressed can be a nightmare in the morning. Especially now that my toddler has preferences about what she wants to wear. Watch out #diva. We've started to pick out clothes the night before. This way we can spend a little time choosing the perfect outfit without feeling rushed and without feeling pressed for time. 
  • Make and pack lunch the night before: This saves me a good 10 minutes. Doesn't sound like much but 10 minutes in the morning is a significant amount of time. And one less thing to think about. 
  • Breakfast is what's served: I got into a bad habit of asking my toddler what she wanted for breakfast each morning. Even when I'd give her options, it would take 10 minutes for her to decide between eggs or cereal. Now I make breakfast and let her know when it's time to eat. The caveat here is if I say "I'm going to make breakfast now" and she says "I want to eat..." If she asks for something specific and we have it, I have no problem giving her what she's requested. 
  • Bottle feed baby: I'm breastfeeding my newborn, which typically takes about 45 minutes all around. And I don't have 45 minutes to spare on the days Reese has school. So I've started pumping before everyone gets up (yep, kind of a pain but totally worth it) and bottle feeding in the morning. This saves me more than 25 minutes. 
  • Use incentives: Call it what you will. An incentive or a bribe but it works. Reese is obsessed with cartoons these days. On school days when we're rushing to get out of the house I explain that after she gets dressed, eats breakfast, clears her plate from the table, brushes hair and teeth, she can then watch cartoons until we have to leave for school. So she gets about 15 minutes of toon time before school. Works like a charm...for now!

I'm still adjusting to two kids. Please share your tips with me. What tips/tricks do you use to get out of the house?


No Changing Station? Make One

My husband and I were out to dinner with my toddler and then three week old. We were at our local pizza shop, which aside from having no changing station, is actually super kid-friendly.
Not even half way into dinner my newborn needed a diaper change quickly. My first thought was to walk home (we live just a few blocks away) to change him and then walk back. This option is something I probably would have done the first time around. Not so appealing for kid No. 2. So I walked to that bathroom not knowing exactly how I was going to change him. There wasn't a chair, a table or any type of furniture for that matter.
But what I did see before I walked into the restroom was a pizza box! So I kindly requested a pizza box and ta-da, my very own changing station. Pretty clever if I do say so myself. 
Tell me! What's your best makeshift changing station? Or what's the craziest place you've changed your kiddo?

No Sleep 'Til Bedtime


I mourn the loss of the afternoon nap. It was that peaceful interlude when I could get some work done, fold some laundry, have alone time with the baby, or God forbid, sit down with Mad Men or a magazine for a few minutes. Alas, those times are gone. A blissful, surprise double nap!

Nic dropped his nap sometime after Christmas. It had been a long time in the making—an hour spent playing in bed before actually falling asleep, the occasional no-nap day—but now it’s the norm, not the exception. He goes strong all day long. ALL DAY LONG.

It’s fun having a lot of one-on-one play time with him, but it’s been a real struggle getting my work done, and as you may have noticed, blogging has taken a backseat. I miss the Interwebs, but mama’s got clients to service. (My husband says that doesn’t sound right. You know what I mean, right?)

And I admit it: Sometimes I just have to put on the Lorax. When I do that, there’s a 90% chance he’ll fall asleep while watching it—I have the pee-stained couch to prove it. 

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