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Little Gifts

Nic is like a cat—you have to wait for him to show you affection. If you run up and try to hug him, much like if you had tried the same with our now deceased cat Slater, you might end up with a serious injury. Because of this, it really surprised me when he started overtly showing his love to me, not through hugs, but through pictures.

It all started to this little love note that he left for me one afternoon.

And since then, I’ve been showered with drawings and “projects” that have been made with love. Sometimes, he will even find an empty box, put the artwork inside the box, tape it up and “deliver” it to me like the UPS man.

"This is us having lunch together and you loving me." - NicWe go through a lot of tape in our house. 

"I'm giving you a necklace that I made for you." - Nic

I won’t lie. This makes me feel GOOD. To know that he’s thinking about me, and that he’s thinking about me loving him, really builds me up. Sometimes we struggle, this boy and I, but these pictures show me that even if I have to be the tough mom sometimes, he knows that I love him. And he loves me back.