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Bedtime Story: There's An App For That

My husband found this super cute bedtime story app for iPad that our 2 year-old absolutely loves! It is called Goodnight Safari and it's free! 

It tells the tale of various safari animals getting ready for bed and lets your little one help the animals in their nighttime rituatls. It's very sweet.

For more children's app suggestions, be sure to follow our app Pinterest Board


Brushing His Teeth

After Thursday's podcast, Nathalee mentioned that she had bought an electric toothbrush for Nic because she was having a hard time getting him to brush his teeth. This was a tip from our friend Lisa, who always seems to have the best baby advice. 

Getting Baby Mo to brush his teeth after his bedtime bottle is always a bit of a struggle. He likes the idea for about 3.5 seconds and then he pulls his head away. I know better than to put him to bed with milk in his mouth so I decided to give this a try. 

Later that day at Target, I bought him this Thomas The Train Spinbrush for a little over $5. He loves trains, especially Thomas and this device intrigues him. He giggles when it starts spinning and when I put it in his mouth, he laughs and tolerates much more brushing that normal. 


I don't think these are designed for small babies but I don't see any harm in using this on him while supervised. I wouldn't want him using it alone and sticking it in his eyes or, worse, the toilet. But with mommy, I think it's fine. 

This was a great tip! No more bedtime toothbrush wrestling match! Thanks Nath and Lisa! And Thomas! 


Separation Anxiety—HELP!


We’ve been lucky that Nic’s never been the kid who cried when we left him with grandma (grandma is gratefulImage by TacitRequiem on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons. for this too!).  However, just in the past few days, naps and bedtime (and getting back to sleep in the middle of the night) have become a major struggle.  Separation anxiety has finally set in.  He clings to me, tries to climb up my arms and cries “MAMAMAMAMAMA.”  It breaks my heart, but I know I can’t sleep with him on the couch every night (like I did the other night).

So, what do I do?  At nap time yesterday, I waited intervals of about 15 minutes, went back into his room, gave him a big hug and then left.  After two times (and some Ke$ha) he fell asleep.  Is this the right approach?  Other suggestions? 


9 Month Baby Schedule

During the first few months of having Taz I so wished for an instruction guide. I had no idea what I was doing and wondered why she cried so much. Was she hungry, pooped, tired or just crying to cry? And, I was missing all of the structure of my pre-baby life. At 9 months, I can now write my own instruction guide for Tazzy based on a schedule that works really well for both of us. Operative words here being “both of us.” I really enjoy having structure because it helps me somewhat plan my days…although we all know that there is no real planning with a baby.

I’ve found a great balance between eating, naps, play dates, “me” time and other activities. Most of my days are planned around Tazzy’s naps. This is important to me first because Tazzy is a much happier child when rested and 2) I can count on this time to work or take care of anything that I need to around the house. A couple times a week we have what I call “exception” days where we’re out and about during a nap (which she rarely takes if we’re out) to do something fun. And I’m pretty firm about her bed time too.

I was always so curious to learn about what worked for other babies/mommies and realize that schedules very so much depending on the baby and parents. So now I am sharing Tazzy’s daily schedule for anyone interested.

I found Nathalee’s sample menu for Nic that includes schedule and food examples super helpful and also Natali’s owner’s manual for Mo.


6:30 – 7 a.m. Wake up; bottle feeding #1

8 a.m. Solid feeding #1 breakfast (rice cereal with fruit or just plain fruit)

9 a.m. Nap #1

*Tazzy will nap anywhere from 45 min to 2 hours.

10:30 a.m. Bottle feeding #2

[10:30 – 12:30 Play date, park or other activity]

12:30 Solid feeding #2 lunch (yogurt with fruit, butternut squash with sage or some other veggie or fruit); Bottle feeding #3

1pm/1:30pm Nap #2

*Tazzy will sleep anywhere from 1-2.5 hours.

3:30pm Bottle feeding #4

[3:30pm – 6:15pm Play date or other activity]

5pm Solid feeding #3 dinner (turkey or beef with veggies). If we are out and about I pack her dinner, bib and spoon in a baggie to take with us.

6:45/7pm Bottle feeding #5; Bed time

Once Tazzy is in bed, I finish making dinner and Josh and I can relax. I’ll be honest, it’s usually on the couch with a bottle of wine, catching up on the day and watching our favorite shows but it’s great! And more often than not, count on a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

One thing to note is that the above is the schedule we try to follow but sometimes it just doesn't work out adn we try not to stress.


The Hobbit

I am very proud that Baby Mo and I just finished reading The Hobbit together! Well, I read. He listened.

We started reading this book every night when he was about 3 months old. We read between 5 and 10 pages every night until we finished reading all 200+ pages, outloud together! Yay for our accomplishment!

When I was pregnant, I read book after book that admonished reading to your child from birth. One of my favorite baby prep books, Baby 411, suggested a nighttime routine in this order: bath, book, boob (or bottle), bed.

I follow this pretty consistently. There have been a few setbacks, such as travel and holidays, but otherwise we have been fairly disciplined and I loved every page.

I take my freshly-bathed baby boy and sit him on my lap with a binky or teething ring, smelling his clean skin and hair as I read. He has started to squirm and reach for the pages lately but I just hold the book a little further out of reach.

This may make me a bad nerd but I must admit, I had never read Tolkien. I always meant to but I just never got around to it until now. The writing was clever and imaginative and it was fun to play out the characters. You don't get to be silly and fantastical like that much in life as an adult.

Now that The Hobbit is complete, Clayton insisted on starting The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, another classic I seem to have missed. He is reading this one while I sit with the both of them. No gadgets. No computer. We sit and listen to the story.

After Hitchhiker's, we will move on to the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and then mommy's favorite series of all time: Harry Potter!

Since Baby Mo's arrival, story time has become a Morris household constant that I am grateful for. It is the time of day when I can forget everything that might be bothering me and be present in an adventure with my family.

Further, it is important to me that my children know the value of reading, and not just gross humor as this recent Wall Street Journal article suggests that boys are so prone to. I am an avid reader and so is Clayton. I want our son to remember these stories someday, since we will likely have to read The Hobbit again when he has more comprehension abilities. I want him to think back fondly when these classic tales are mentioned and say with pride: "My parents read that to me!"