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The Big Boy Bed


We ALMOST transitioned Nic to the “big boy bed” before Baby Z was born. I’m so glad that we didn’t. I got some wonderful advice from a mom of four who said that I would want to be able to leave Nic playing in his crib when I needed to (say when he wakes up from his nap and I’m in the middle of feeding baby). It was definitely a relief to know that he was in a safe place while we went through the move and got into our groove with the baby.After his first night in his twin bed.

But now, it’s time. We will need the crib soon for Baby Z, so I wanted to get Nic well established in the big bed before we move baby into the crib.

We did a lot of prep. A few months ago, I got a great twin bed from a generous neighbor and from the moment we brought it into the garage, we told Nic how it was going to be his bed one day. Last week, I set it up on our patio and painted it heirloom white. I also got some perfect sheets at Target and ordered a duvet cover (I wanted the bed to be fun, but not cheesy). As expected, he couldn’t wait to move the bed inside and he was a huge fan of his animal sheets.

After a long weekend out of town, we bit the bullet and set everything up in the boys’ room. Dominic “helped” us put together the bed, and when we put the mattress on it, he was so excited to jump on it that I could hardly get the sheets on. Once I got the bed made, he was jumping up and down on it saying, “I love my big boy bed.” We were off to a good start.

I was SO nervous when we tucked him in and shut the door behind us. Was he going to climb right out of bed? Would he come to our room in the middle of the night? To our relief, he heeded our instructions to stay in bed until his Ok to Wake alarm clock turned green at 6:15 the next morning. As my husband said, he “nailed it.”

It’s been a few days and he’s been sleeping great in his new bed, both at nighttime and naptime. Fingers crossed that he keeps up the good work!


Advice Needed: Transition to Big Boy Bed Before Baby #2?

As you guys know, I’m due with my second baby in August. I'm trying to decide if I should transition Nic, who just turned two, to a "big boy bed" now, or if I should wait after the baby is born. Currently, he's very happy in the crib and he's never tried to climb out, but I have some concerns with waiting until the baby is here to make the switch. Do I move Nic out of his crib now or after the baby is here?

Here are the two scenarios I'm considering (but I could be missing a better option):

Option #1: Keep Nic in his crib until a few months before the new baby will be ready to sleep in their shared bedroom (baby will be in a co-sleeper with us for the first several months).  Then, about a month or two before we’re ready to put the baby in the room with Nic, we’d transition Nic to big bed, and leave crib empty for at least a month. After Nic is adjusted to the new bed and the crib has been empty a while we would move the baby in. This seems like a great plan, except for two things. First, I’m going to have a planned c-section (I promise to write about my VBAC thought process!), and I won’t be able to lift Nic in and out of the crib for several weeks. Second, I really don’t want him to feel like he’s being pushed out of the crib by the baby, or for us to feel a time crunch to move him.

Option #2: Get big bed now and get Nic used to it before baby #2 comes. His preschool teacher even suggested giving him the choice between crib and bed each night since we have about nine months until we really need the crib. My primary concern with this situation is that even if he's well-adjusted to the bed before baby arrives that he'll regress and start getting out of bed at night when baby comes. All we need is two night-waking kids!

I would LOVE to hear what you all did and how it worked out for you. I need your advice!