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To My Son On His 2nd Birthday


Two years ago today I held you in my arms for the first time and I have had the best seat in the house for watching you grow every day since. You are such a special boy and I am so blessed that you came to this world through me. 

While I am excited to watch you grow, there are things about your toddler years that I never want to forget. Here are just a few: 

  • You are a happy person. I wish you could know yourself as this happy child forever, just in case life ever makes you doubt. 
  • When I say, "I love you, Miles," you say, "I yuv you, Mommy." 
  • When we are driving, one of your favorite things to say from your carseat is, "Hi Mommy. Hi Mommy. Hi Mommy!" 
  • You wake up in the morning by yelling for Mommy and Daddy and I secretly love that sound even if I do need more sleep. 
  • Every night you lay your head on my shoulder right after your story and just before I put you in bed. You always pause there for a few seconds while I tell you that I love you. When I put you in bed, you point to the floor next to the bed and demand, "Mommy, seet down!" 
  • When Mommy does "seet down," you snuggle your head on your Mickey Mouse while I rub your hair and tell you to have "big dreams, nice dreams." 
  • You think that one should count to five before jumping into the pool, not three. Maybe you need the extra two to build up your courage. 
  • You like to reach your hands around your sister when she is strapped into her swing and declare, "I hold her!" 
  • You love milk! I mean you really love milk. You march into the kitchen and demand, "I need Batman milk!!!.... Pease?" I serve your milk in a Batman thermos naturally. You also really love "bunny cackers" but they are a distant second to Batman milk. 
  • You love the Avengers, especially Caca America!  
  • Your dad taught you to pee standing up by yelling, "Ready? Aim! Fire!" 
  • You love to do yoga with Mommy and you are really good at it. You know all the poses by their animal names. You march onto the mat and declare, "I do stetching!" Meaning stretching. And you like to do it with music on.
  • When we are walking a long distance, you often turn to us and say, "I run!" Then you tuck your elbows in, swing your arms from side to side, and run! 
  • You dance! You love to dance to They Might Be Giants' childrens albums and what you call "boos music," or blues music. You dance like you are stirring a big pot. You bend your knees and move your hips and sway. I wish for you to dance with that kind of joy and abandon in perpetuity. 

 I yuv you, Miles. 


To Party or Not To Party? 


In just a few short months Reese is going to turn two. Can you believe it? The time has just flown since her birth. Last year for her first birthday we hosted a birthday party, that was more for us than her. Brunch, party favors, cake, pinata and ballons! We celebrated that we had successfully made it through the first year as new parents and toasted to many more. 

This year I'm not quite sure what to do...if we'll do anything. I've been pinning birthday ideas and am leaning toward a little tea party. But Josh and I have also thrown out the idea of a family vacation to celebrate her 2nd birthday. Maybe Hawaii?! Warm weather, the beach, Mai Tai's. Or maybe just visiting each set of Grandparents and spending time with them. 

This all sounds fabulous! But would I be depriving Reese of a special memory of having an actual party with cake, ice cream, decorations and friends? Would I regret not having these memories for myself? No photos? I've also considered doing the family vacation and then having a very small birthday party - inviting just 2-3 of her buddies for some cake and ice cream.

Please weigh in here. What did / will you do for birthday No. 2? 


The Power Of One


One year. It's been one whole year since I became a mother. Since I met my baby boy and held him in my arms for the first time. Since we became a family. One whole year. How can that be!?

I don't cry very easily. If I get emotional, I get to that almost-tears-but-no-tears stage. But today I am totally Emo Mommy and it is hitting me from left field!

I don't know exactly what about this day is making me so emo. Is it that my baby boy is growing up so quickly? Is it that we have completed a full year of parenthood with what I consider to be success? Is it that I am so happy or so melancholy? I can't put my finger on it.

I am so proud of this little man who is fast asleep right now on his first birthday. He is happy and kind and smart and earnest. He reminds me so much of his father and myself but he is very much his own little man. When I think of what life would be like if he had never come into my life, I want to start up the waterworks again! What is with me? Is this normal? Share your Emo Mom stories in the comments or on Facebook so I don't feel like such a blithering fool!


Mothering With Confidence


When I was in labor with Baby Mo I got a nasty chill. One of the nurses gave me a blanket. She asked why I hadn't rang for the blanket earlier and I mumbled something about not wanting to be an inconvenience.

"You'll learn to speak up," she said curtly and whipped back around the curtain.

Baby Mo is six months old today. As I look back on my first six months as a mommy, this is the lesson that has been the hardest: speaking up.

As a new mom, you are second guessed a lot. I hate it. As much as I appreciate the help, I don't appreciate being second guessed. It makes me question myself and that is something a mother should not be in the habit of doing.

Confidence is an important quality in a mother and it is hard to find in the first months. My husband on the other hand never doubted his ability as a father. Baby Mo came out and a few hours later, he knew that the baby needed a diaper and he knew how to swaddle him. He took those small victories and built upon them and now has an amazing ability to read our son and care for him accordingly. He is Daddy, The Baby Whisperer.

Not me. My instinct may tell me what Baby Mo needs but then I will second guess myself or listen to someone's casual (or sometimes aggressive) suggestions and second guess again until I feel like I've run laps around my own thought process. In the end, it was usually my first instinct that was correct. It is exhausting and I am grateful to be outgrowing it.

Think of the most successful moms you know. No one steps in their path with a pointed finger and says, "Are you sure you should .?" No one would dare. Now think of that shivering woman in labor. You might second guess her, right? She makes it easy.

Some moms don't need this lesson in confidence. My pregnant sister-in-law is a point in case. At Thanksgiving, some family members were giving her suggestions about parenting. She simply said, "We're doing it this way and we're not going to talk about it any longer." She wasn't rude or aggressive. She just wanted to make it clear that her baby's care was not a democracy. I silently high-fived her from across the table for standing up for her decisions so declaratively.

That is how I aim to mother: with love, respect, and confidence.

Meanwhile, my baby's half birthday is a cause to celebrate other victories too. I hit my 6-month goal in breastfeeding (and still going!), I lost all of my baby weight, and I am (mostly) making it happen as a working mom. I can't believe how one little person can change your life so dramatically. I fall in love with this little man more and more every day. He is growing so fast and in many ways, so am I.

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