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Mother’s Day: Gift Ideas and Setting Expectations


Mother’s Day has always been a big deal in my family. When I was a little kid my brothers and I would get up early and make my Mom breakfast in bed. For many years this was cereal, toast orange juice and little vase with flowers picked from our backyard.  The week leading up to Mother’s Day we’d make cards, usually with a poem inside telling her how special she is and how lucky we are to have her for a Mother.  

Now that I am a Mother I truly understand how special this day is. This year we’re taking her out to a special brunch the day before Mother’s Day. Then on Mother’s Day Josh has something planned for me. Can’t wait!

Last year I remember reading several posts on different Mommy Forums about Moms being so disappointed because their husbands didn’t get them anything or plan anything special for Mother’s Day. I felt really sad reading this. My advice (for any occasion) has always been to help your husband out a bit by giving him some ideas. I’d say to go so far as to plan your own perfect day – whether that is a family outing or some time for yourself. Mother’s Day is too special to be disappointed so get on the ball if you haven’t all ready! J Come on, you’ve brought a beautiful life into this world. Let’s celebrate and honor this!

Here are some ideas from all of us here at MommyBeta! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

Massage / Spa Treatment – Nathalee asked for a massage. Who doesn’t love a good massage? Also, some spas like SenSpa in San Francisco offer a day pass where you can use all the amenities without having to book a treatment. So be sure to check-in with local spas.

Date Night – At one of your favorite spots or a place you’ve wanted to try.  If you don’t have a sitter you can try to find one using trusted online babysitter services like UrbanSitter, WonderSitter, SitterCity or

Coupon Book – Filled with your favorite things. I think anyone one of us would love to get one of these filled with coupons for: A Long Walk, Coffee with a Friend, A Day to Sleep In, Take a Bubble Bath, Go Shopping Solo, Date Night, etc.  

Locket or Charm Bracelet has a ton of pretty lockets! Put a picture of your family in the locket. Add charms like your children’s birthstones or initials to charm bracelets.

iPhone Wallet Clutch – Natali asked for this beautiful red patent leather iPhone wallet clutch from Michael Kors.

For more ideas check out this segment on Fox & Friends highlighting tech gadgets for Moms, which are pretty damn cool!

What are you doing for Mother’s Day??!  


Review: UrbanSitter (Babysitting Site)


Date nights are a must so I was stoked when Daisy Downs, one of the founders of UrbanSitter emailed us here a MommyBeta about a new site for finding sitters.  

UrbanSitters lets parents find and book trusted sitters online through friends and connections they know via Facebook (and other networks).

As Daisy clearly pointed out, moms can do just about everything online these days. But when it comes to finding a trusted sitter that’s available when you need them, there’s just no easy way to do it. Why can we book dinner reservations in two minutes on OpenTable, but it can take days to find a sitter to keep your reservation?

With UrbanSitter you can:

  • Search for sitters for a particular day/time and see a list of who’s available – and which friends have used them. 
  • When you book them, the sitters get an email and you get one in return when they accept the job. 
  • You can then view and manage all your babysitting jobs in one place online.

So far I’ve interviewed and booked two babysitters using UrbanSitter. I like that if a potential sitter has not responded to my request, UrbanSitter sends me a note letting me know that I’ve not received a response, so that I have time to find a new sitter.

My one gripe with this site is that when a sitter responds to your request, I get an email from UrbanSitter notifying me that a sitter has responded but in order for me to respond I have to login to my UrbanSitter account -- I can’t just email the sitter back directly from my email inbox. Fortunately for all of us, the folks at UrbanSitter are working to get this resolved.

You can find a sitter on other sites like WonderSitterSitterCity and but then you’re relying on sitter reviews/ratings from folks you don’t know.

The site is currently available only for the SF Bay area but they’re hoping to expand to other areas in the next year. Very exciting! The site is free to use right now but there may be a fee later on. 

I think this is a great concept and I'll continue to use the site to find trusted sitters for Reese. Of course I will re-evaluate once there is a fee associated. But if the fee is reasonalble, I will absolutely continue to use the site because it is proving super valuable! 

How do you find your sitters? Have you used any of the sitter sites mentioned above? 


Mommy Resolutions

For the past few years I’ve been trying to put together realistic resolutions. These aren’t huge life-changing resolutions, but more so reminders of things I’d like to keep up to improve my life and those of the people around me. Now that I’m a mom, there are a number of things I’d like to try to make happen this year. I’ve listed these below. Do you have any mommy resolutions?

Schedule one play date a week. Mommy and baby both need some social interaction! This may be a little aggressive, but I’ll tweak to once every two weeks if it is.

Have date night twice a month. Having a baby has added so much joy to our lives, but we have to remember to make time for each other too. This gives grammy a little fun too!

Play with Beth at least 2 hours a day. Since I’ve been doing some work on the side during my maternity leave, I realize how hard it is to actually get quality play time in with Beth since she naps quite a bit. I want to make sure we get in some time for reading books, playing, tummy time, etc. outside of going for strolls and the like.

Work out at least three times a week. Being a mom is a good excuse to put off going to the gym, but I’m determined to get back into shape. Not by any extreme means of course, but just getting back into an active lifestyle.

Make homemade baby food. I love to cook so why wouldn’t I cook for our precious little angel (as my hubby calls her.) J I hope to come up with a few recipes of my own!

Video chat at least two times a week. This is a very important one. Since my parents live so far away, I want to make sure they still get their QT with baby Beth and likewise. They are super grandparents and she needs to know that!