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When Your 4-Year-Old Says: I don't look beautiful


 It happened a few months ago but it's still very fresh in my mind. Reese had finished dressing herself and was examining herself in the mirror. She blurted out, “I don’t look beautiful.” I paused. Stunned. Giving myself a moment to figure out how to respond.

I kneeled down and looked her in the eye and said, “What do you mean? You are beautiful no matter what. On the inside and on the outside.” She responded ever so nonchalantly, “But my clothes aren’t cute. They don’t match. So I’m not beautiful.”

Responding to the logic of my 4 year old daughter, I explained to her that she is beautiful no matter what she wore. I told her that if she felt comfortable in the clothes she chose to wear, if she was happy, and if she felt good, then that is all that mattered. That everyone dresses differently and that’s what makes everyone beautiful in their own way.

I’m still not certain where this all stemmed from. But I don’t want my daughter feeling that the way she dresses defines her beauty. So now, Reese chooses most of her own outfits. And I do my best not to comment even on her most crazy-mismatched-diva-inspired outfits that she’s pulled together.

About a week after this little situation on the drive to school she said, “Mommy, you are beautiful no matter what. Even if you wear your yoga pants.” Thanks sweetheart! I’m glad to know she’s listening during our conversations.



From Frumpy to Fashionable: Mommy Spring Must Haves

I spend more time picking out Tazzy's outfit for the day than I do my own. My go-to outfit includes black leggings and a loose fitting top, something I can easily lift up or unbutton for breastfeeding and quite honestly something I don’t mind getting spit-up on. I'm tired of looking like I just got out of bed all day and needed some inspiration:). I've asked fashion expert Melissa Drayer, owner and designer of Thread her thoughts on trends she's seeing for Spring. And it just so happens that Moms can easily incorporate them into their wardrobe. This post is dedicated to all of my beautiful Mommy friends!

So here is what Melissa has to say:

For starters, what I'm loving about some of the new trends (and the ones I'm embracing) is that they're resurfaced trends from the past.  So you should be able to shop your closet (great for your wallet) while adding a few new pieces (great for your spirit).

At any rate, these are some new ideas, which also happen to be great for new Moms (I didn't even do it on purpose!). Also, minimalism is back in a big way, which is great for new Mommies.  Keep it simple and easy.

Cardigans - Chunky knit over a soft dress, boyfriend cardigan over your favorite jeans, long wrap version doubles as a coat in warmer weather.  Put the focus on skinny legs with a swingy version over leggings.  Show off your waist again with a fun belt.

Boyfriend/relaxed fit pants (a bit cropped), fresher than jeans to me for a polished weekend look.  Pair with a cardigan or blazer and heels for work.  Buy them a size big to ensure a relaxed fit. No need to stress over fitting into your skinny jeans. Roll them up if you're wearing flats to even out the proportion.

Scarves are still fresh. Pick a fun print or bright color and pull together an outfit on the go.  Or hide some spit up.


Shirt dress - Super comfy and easy, just throw on and go.  Can be slouchy and casual for the weekend or crisp and polished for work. Either way, this is my go to dress of the moment.

Trench coat - The only coat you need to get you from Spring to Fall.  Tan, olive, black, green, khaki, etc.  Instantly pull together a look when you're running out the door (on little time)! Wear it open, closed, belted high or low (you don't have to use the belt loops-they're not the right placement for everyone, especially after having a baby), boots, heels, flats, etc.  Dress it up or down.  If you're petite, keep the length just above your knee.  Otherwise the fresher length is just below the knee (in my opinion).

Wedges or platform sandals - More comfy than heels with added height! For flats, I'm also love brogues and loafers. Preppy is also making a comeback.  Trade in your ballet slipper flats for these this season. These probably give you a little more support as well (which you need when carrying precious cargo).

 If you're looking for a new boot keep it short and flat.

 Flared jeans - If you buy one new pair this season, go for the 70s shape 

And from Thread, this sleeveless trench is a must. The shirt dresses are so easy and versatile because you can belt them for shape or wear them loose and easy without a belt (and over skinny jeans or leggings).  I also love this python print cardigan dress (it's coming longer than the photo). It's the perfect boyfriend cardigan and is a fun statement piece to throw on over jeans and flats or dress up with heels (but feels like you're wearing a sweatshirt)!