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Becoming A Father


I made this video as one of my husband Clayton's Father's Day presents. You are only a first-time Daddy once and I wanted to be able to show him how well he has taken to the job.

He's an amazing father - better than I ever expected! Having a front row seat to watch him and Baby Mo develop a father/son relationship has been one of the biggest privileges of my life. 

The video is a little sappy but so is this holiday, right?

Happy Father's Day, honey. I love you!


Father's Day Gift Ideas From The Horse's Mouth


Clayton picked some of his favorite gadgets as suggestions for Father's Day gifts on Fox & Friends. A few of them are a little extravagant but it is his first Father's Day. Let him dream!

Also, notice the video and photos of Baby Mo and me in this segment! My little man is always ready for his close up. Just like Daddy!


Last Minute Hot Toys

Here is my CBS News Eye On Parenting segment featuring award-winning toys this season. I want that spycam!
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