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Podcast #55: Waiting for Champagne

The MommyBetas will be gathering in California for a dear friend's wedding this weekend and are looking forward to champagne toasts and wedding cake! While Jennifer and Natali are in-transit, Alex and Nathalee discuss the week's posts and news. Topics include: A possible link between C-sections and obesity in babies, potty training (of course!) and the intricacies of gift-giving

And a big thank you to our sponsors, and!

Listen to the podcast here.

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Podcast #41: Siblings Who Bite

This week we discuss raising more than one baby and all of the challenges that presents. In short: don't compare your children. And don't let them bite or hit. It's not really that simple though. We elaborate. 

We also discuss the HPV virus mandate for boys as well as girls, an anti-obesity campaign that includes some shocking images, and a mommy who needs our help

Listen to the podcast here.