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Eversnap Pro: Photographers On-Demand

 Casual family portraits with Eversnap Pro.

Ever wanted kids’ portraits or great pictures of a birthday party without shelling out big bucks for a photographer? If the answer is yes, keep reading.

When the team at Eversnap Pro reached out to me a few months ago, I hadn’t heard of their service and thought it sounded almost too good to be true. An experienced, friendly photographer and all the digital files for $100 an hour? And I can book online or through an app? Yes please!

Eversnap Pro offered me a one hour photo session to try out their service (full-disclosure!). I decided to use it for a photo shoot with the boys and their littlest cousin, with the idea of using the photos as Mother’s Day presents for the grandmothers.

Setting up the session online was super easy and our photographer, Sarah, arrived on-time and with a big smile. Sarah said she’s been working with Eversnap for a while and shoots everything from portraits to weddings. She was professional and good with the kids, who were not particularly excited about having their portraits taken. The only criticism I have is that I was hoping to get pictures of each of the boys individually, but I don’t think I was clear enough with this request. We ended up with pictures of the two of them without their cousin, but not individual shots.  

Aside from easy booking and a really fair price, the other great thing about the service is that I had my photos the same night as the shoot. Sarah said the turnaround is usually 1-2 days, which is awesome. The photos aren’t highly edited, but ours looked really great. I was also able to invite my sister-in-law to view the photos directly online, so I wasn't stuck distributing CDs or being the sole person resposible for ordering prints. This would be great for a large event. 

I’ve been lucky to have a good friend who is also a very talented photographer and she’s taken pretty much all of the boys’ pictures to-date. To me, Eversnap isn’t going to replace this kind of high-level, artistic photography. It’s a different thing all together—I see Eversnap as the perfect solution for family reunions, first birthday parties and casual portraits.

If you want to give Eversnap Pro a try, you can use this coupon code for 25% percent off: Nathalee775 (more full-disclosure: I’ll receive a $25 credit toward Eversnap for the first three people who use this code). 

Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot:Wrestling: All day, every day.

Hug or headlock?Let's make our stuffed animals toot!
The alternate universe in which I have three kids. If only it would be as easy as it looks!


Guest Post: 5 Tips for Photographing Your Kiddos


I am incredibly lucky to have a super talented photographer as a good friend.   Adriana has taken all of Nic’s professional photos, and I’m always amazed by the expressions she elicits from him.  Below are her top tips for getting pro-quality pictures.

As a professional photographer, and after spending some quality time with a wide age range of kiddos, I have discovered some very useful tips to capturing children as they are—not that fake/posed/"cheese" smile.  Here are some helpful hints to capture your child the way you know them best!Look at those gorgeous faces (all captured by Adriana Klas)! Recognize anyone? Hint: That's Baby Beth and Little Nic on the left.

  1. Talk their Talk: If your child is old enough to talk, instead of forcing them to look at you and say "cheese" (when we all know that is the last thing they want to do) ask them "What did you do at school today," or "Do you remember when we went to the park and you went SO fast down the slide?"  I try to think of something that will engage them in a conversation they can understand.   I find it works the best with my son when I ask him about the huge trucks we see around town—he is a sucker for anything trucks or construction.  Find something relatable to them.
  2. "I have a Question": Again, if your child is talking (or close to talking), ask them a question about yourself, specifically something on your face, or near your camera so they look that general direction. The one I always use (I cannot claim it as my own, another one of my favorite photographers passed this one along ), I ask them what color your eyes are!  This is just hilarious.  For some reason the kiddos always say RED!  I tell them how scary that would be J.  One time a very creative toddler told me my eyes were rainbow—so  funny!
  3. Squeak, Squeak, Quack, Quack: For the babies, get down to their level, lay on your stomach on the floor, get to where they are... and grab their favorite squeaker toy!  This is always good for a few shots, they are so happy to see you at their level with their favorite toy ! It works like a charm!  My only recommendation here is don't squeak so loud and aggressively that they cry—nobody wants that.
  4. "It's too bright": How many times have I heard this!?  (Or seen it on the faces of babies.) Too many times.  When taking photos of your kids, make sure it is not at high noon on a hot day, and if it is, sit them in some nice shade.  Lighting is the trick here—you don't want them squinting into the sun and bright red. If you are inside, try right by a window that lets in a lot of natural light, and if outside, go for the shade.
  5. When in Doubt: When in doubt I always bring a bribery tool (of course pre-approved by mom and dad).  Kids can lose interest in just about anything super fast, so I always bring a little something for the end of the day.  My "go to" is typically M&M's , jelly beans or a chocolate gold coin. You can set it up however you want: "For every time my camera clicks you get one M&M" or "Two more minutes and then one gold coin."  I always do little portions (no more than 5 M&M's or jelly beans or 1 gold coin) they love the counting aspect too!

Adriana Klas is a Bay Area photographer specializing in children’s portraits and weddings.  See her amazing work here.


First Pregnancy - A Time To Remember

When I first told my husband I wanted to take maternity photos to remember this joyous time in our lives he chuckled at the idea but being the supportive guy he is, he went along with it anyway.

We used a a great photographer Charlie at Nucci Studio. We weren't exactly sure what we were looking for and gave Charlie creative permission to guide us and tell us how to pose, where to look, etc. Josh and I had fun posing, laughing and bonding during our photo shoot. If you live in San Francisco, I can't recommend Charlie enough. He's talented, knows what he's doing and his fees are very reasonable!

If hiring a professional photographer isn't in your budget I recommend asking a good friend who enjoys taking photos (and takes good ones) to shoot some of you (and your husband if he's into it).

We ended up with a ton of photos to remember our first pregnancy by. Many show a little too much skin but here are some of my faves I can share. I was 36 weeks pregnant.