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5 Rainy Day Activities


Sometimes I run out of ideas of stuff to do with Reese when it rains, even though I know there are probably tons. So with all this rain we’ve been having lately I pulled together a list.

Art TimePlay Dough, Finger Paint and Coloring. I grabbed an old flat sheet and dedicated it to art time. I lay it on my living room floor and don’t worry about Reese getting play dough or paint anywhere. The Crayola washable finger paint and washable crayons are genius! If you’re feeling crafty, make your own edible finger paint or like Natali, homemade play dough.

Cooking 101: I love cooking and Reese loves helping. I give her easy task like mixing/stirring. And she loves watching as I do things and explain to her what I’m doing. She helps beat her eggs in the morning for her scrambled eggs. But I think her favorite so far is helping to make smoothies. She pours all the ingredients into the blender and then watches as her smoothie is made! My favorite smoothie recipie (1.5 cups almond milk....or what ever type of milk you like, 1/2 banana, 1 cup frozen mixed berries and 10 almonds). 

Photo Credit: Michelle DuPuis of Rust & SunshineSand Box: Definitely don’t bring sand inside. A friend of mine made this indoor sand for her little boy and loved it. She found it at Rust & Sunshine (one of my new favorite blogs). For any sand activity, save your old seasoning jars. They make great sand toys!

Museums and Libraries: If you’re looking to get out of the house you always have museums and libraries to visit. Visit your city library page for information on story times and other activities. 

Cleaning: While this doesn’t sound too fun, it’s fun for the kids and productive for me! First we sing a song that goes “Clean up, clean up, everybody do their share. Clean up, clean up, all the messes everywhere,” and go around the house picking up toys and putting them in the right spot. Reese also loves helping me unload the dishwasher, sweeping (she got a set similar to this as a gift) and vacuuming. Hmm… I wonder how long this will last??

What do you do with your kids on rainy days? 


Mommy Beta Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers


We’ve shared our holiday gift guide for Mommies, Daddies, Babies, Toddlers, and our favorite Gadgets. Now check out some of our ideas for your LO’s stocking. 

Hair Accessories: For your little girl you can order hair bows and clips online at Funny Girl. They also have super cute hats with big flowers on them. You can also find them on Amazon. They range from about $13 - $20. Reese lived in hats when she was a baby. 

Finger Paints: I bought Reese Crayola Washable Fingerpaints. This might be one of Reese’s eight Hanukkah gifts and not a stocking stuffer. These cost about $7.

Electric Toothbrush: I think most of the MommyBeta babies are using electric toothbrushes. Baby Mo uses aThomas the Train Spinbrush and Reese uses a Cinderella one made by Oral-B.  Tell them that Santa likes clean teeth! You can get them at Target for around $5.

Stickers: Nathalee uses them on plane rides to entertain Nic. Since then, I’ve introduced them to Reese and she loves sticking them on her body

Play Dough: Sure, you can buy play dough. But why buy when you can make? Natali made Baby Mo his very own play dough.

Baby Food: We like Peter Rabbit Organics but there are many great companies who make something similar. Reese is a huge fan of these pouches. Or you can try Organic Puffs or another snack your child loves. 

Still need more ideas? What about a little ball, bells, a rubber ducky, flash cards, Animalztemporary hand tattoos, cell phone or keys

What are you putting in your child’s stocking?


Homemade Stocking Stuffers


I'm no Nathalee, but I did a little homemade Christmas project myself this year. I made play dough to put in Baby Mo's stocking stuffers. Look at these!  

This wasn't a very hard or time consuming project but I do not really enjoy crafts very much so I was proud of myself. I used this recipe with some gel-based food coloring and packed my concoctions in glass jars I found at Target.

I know store-bought Play-Doh is supposed to be non-toxic - and it probably is - but I still like the idea of homemade gifts that we can all enjoy. I just hope the dough isn't hard as a rock in a few days! 

My husband gave me a little talking-to recently about over buying for Baby Mo. Sound familiar? I had to clamp down on buying toys to put under our tree no matter HOW good of a deal they were or intellectually stimulating the toys may be. But home made play dough for the stockings? Now how could he object to that?  

What are the homemade goodies that you put for your little one under the tree or hanging in a stocking this holiday season?