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Baby Z’s Birth Story


I know, I know. Baby Z is nearly five months old, and I’m just writing his birth story. Let’s just say we’ve been busy. Without further ado, here it is.

Relatively early in my pregnancy, I chose not to attempt a VBAC. So, as my due date approached, I didn’t have too much anxiety about the birth. I was pretty confident that I’d make it to my C-section at 39 weeks, and knew what to expect of the recovery.Really? No one could tell me that I was so huge that all of my clothes looked see-through?

We were due at the hospital at 6 am, so we packed up the car and left a sleeping Nic with my parents. I debated whether or not to wake him to say goodbye, but I’m glad that I didn’t. That probably would have been traumatic for everyone.

After miles of paper work, it was finally time to get started. Shaun suited up in his scrubs and I walked to the OR (which was strange, since last time I was wheeled in). The very handsome anesthesiologist gave me my spinal, which hurt less than last time, and we were on our way.

With Dominic’s birth, the only thing that I was disappointed about was that I didn’t get to hold him as soon as he came out. When I wrote about this on MommyBeta, one of our fabulous readers introduced me to the idea of a “family-centered C-section.” In this type of C-section, the baby can be placed directly on mom’s chest after he is pulled out. You can also lower the drape to see the baby come out if you so desire—Shaun can’t handle the site of blood, so this wasn’t an option for us.

I was so excited about this possibility, although I was skeptical that my OB would go for it. To my pleasant surprise, after I sent her the link about family-centered C-sections (she’d never heard of it before), she talked with the hospital’s nursery and everyone was on board! They said that as long as the baby cried when he came out, he could go directly on my chest. I was so excited about this possibility. (I'll write a separate post with more info on the family-centered C-section later.)

So, as I lay on the operating table, everyone took some extra steps to prepare for our special moment. During a C-section, it’s typical to use something called a “bear hugger” that blows warm air on to mom’s chest. Because we had to make room for baby, the anesthesiologist moved that around a bit, but it still made me wonderfully warm. I remember feeling so peaceful waiting for the surgery to begin. I was completely relaxed, but excited. It was a very different feeling from when Dominic was born. That time, I was exhausted after 27 hours of labor, my shoulders and neck ached with tension and my whole body was shaking.

Shaun soon entered the room and took his place beside me. He was so nervous. After a few minutes of tugging and pulling, Baby Z was out. After about 15 seconds, I heard the amazing sound of Z’s first cries and my doctor placed him on my chest. I was breathless. It was exactly what I wanted and I was so happy that it had finally happened.


I could see his tiny face and feel his warm breath and slimy little body. And he was huge! I got to hold him for a few minutes and then the nurses took him to clean and weigh him. He was 8 lbs. 12 oz! That’s almost a full pound more than Nic. No wonder I was SO HUGE. Plus, my OB said that I had a lot of fluid.

She also said that my uterine wall was very thin, upon hearing that, I was very glad that I had chosen to forgo the VBAC. My doctor also put some extra stitches in my ab muscles all the way up to my belly button, as she suspected I was starting to have some diastasis or abdominal separation.

I nursed Z in the recovery room—he latched right away—and then we were moved to our real room, where we’d spend the next few days bonding and healing.

This time around, certain parts of the recovery were better and certain parts worse. This time, I wasn’t as afraid to get up and move, because I knew how much it helped last time. However, this time, I felt like I needed the pain meds more. There was one day when a nurse failed to stay on top of my meds and I really felt the repercussions. It was awful.

The other weird thing was that I had intense pain in my shoulder blade if I lay down for more than 20 minutes. Apparently, when you are splayed open on the operating table, air can become trapped inside your body and you can actually get gas pockets in places like your shoulders. Who knew!?! The worst part about it was that I couldn’t sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time, and there was nothing the doctors could do about it. It lasted for almost a week and was definitely the worst part of my recovery.

Because I had such a hard time sleeping, I spent a lot of time snuggling with Baby Z those first few days. With Nic, I was terrified to have him in bed with me, and never once slept next to him. But with Z, I was more comfortable and more confident and we slept side-by-side from the very beginning. I loved it then, and still love it now. There’s nothing better than feeling his soft, warm face against mine while hearing him snore soundly (he’s always been noisy sleeper).

I never had much anxiety around Z’s birth, what made me nervous was how Nic was going to respond to his little brother. We did tons of prep with him—reading books, taking him to the hospital to see what it was like, a sibling preparedness class—but you never know how it’s going to transpire. We’d planned for Nana and Grampy to bring him to the hospital the day after Z was born, but we were all doing well by the afternoon of his birth, so we moved up the visit one day. I’m glad we did! Such a happy family.

We made sure that baby was in the basinet when Nic entered the room. I wanted to put all of my attention on him and let him ask about the baby. I didn’t want him to feel replaced. I was happy that as soon as he entered the room, he was happily inquiring about Baby Z. He met his brother and quickly learned to say his long name. I think his favorite part of the visit was the special gift that Shaun, Baby Z and I gave to him. We took a few pictures together as a family and wrapped up our short, successful visit. I was relieved.

When I think of Z’s entrance into the world, three things stand out in my mind—the peaceful feeling I had during his birth, the feeling of him on my chest, and snuggling him in bed during those first few days. Compared to Dominic’s birth, there was much less drama and anticipation, but it was filled with just as much love and many more cuddles! 

 My favorite photo with Baby Z.



We’re Having a Baby...Again


My husband and I are excited to finally share the news that I’m pregnant with baby No. 2 due in March. I’m almost 15 weeks pregnant. We can’t wait to find out if we’re having a girl or a boy. I’ve never been one for surprises so why start now? 

This pregnancy has been way different than my first. When I was pregnant with Reese I had didn’t experience morning sickness and felt pretty great the entire time, aside from being tired. This time around weeks 6-12 were tough with morning sickness that lasted all day, every day. It was like having a massive hangover for six weeks straight but without any fun stories from the previous night.

During my first pregnancy I had a massive aversion to meat, poultry and fish. I couldn’t stand the smell or sight of it. This time, all I wanted to eat was meat. It’s strange how the body wants what the body wants.

Finally, around 12 weeks I finally started to feel better and now I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve heard that with your second child you tend to show sooner than with your first and I’m finding that to be true. Bummer! I’ve already “popped” and am wearing maternity pants.

Anyway, that’s the big news! For anyone with two kids or who is pregnant with No. 2, were your pregnancies the same or different? 


Top 5 Comments on My Very Pregnant State


If you’ve ever been 30+ weeks pregnant, you’ve heard them—the words from complete strangers, commenting on the eminent birth of your child. In the last few weeks, I can’t go out of the house without hearing from a few of these chatty folks. They are usually men, and the comments are (hopefully) meant in jest, but they can really sting when you’re feeling huge and hormonal. Here are a few that I’ve heard lately:Yes, I get it. My belly is huge.


  1. "What, were you due back in 2011?"
  2. "How many are in there?!"
  3. Obvious giggling and pointing. (From some ladies at Trader Joe’s when I was holding a watermelon. They apparently thought the resemblance was comical.)
  4. "Any day now, huh?" (Ummmm, actually I still have 3 weeks to go.)
  5. And one from an incredibly sweet woman, "I thought you were only seven months—you look great!"


From now on, I'm sticking with the approach from the delightful woman in example #5. When I see a very pregnant woman, the only words out of my mouth will be, "You look wonderful!"


Bikini Baby Bump  


Over the weekend, we tried out one of our local public pools for the first time. While splashing with Nic in the kiddie pool, I noticed that there were many pregnant mamas lining the suspiciously warm pool. However, I was the only one in a bikini. The rest were wearing one-pieces, tankinis or swim shirts.Not my baby bump, but a a beautiful one from Patricil on Flickr.

Was I being immodest? Is it verboten, or at least frowned upon, to wear a bikini during pregnancy (especially late preganancy)? If it is, I say, screw it. I’m not about to go out and shell out money for something I don’t want to wear!

I have nothing against a super sleek sexy one-piece. In fact, I wish that my non-pregnant self was longer and leaner so that I could pull one off. But I’m not into the one-piece for the concept of covering my baby bump up. Just because my belly button is inside-out, that doesn’t mean it’s indecent!

I may have a huge belly, but I’m feeling pretty good about the fact that I don’t have any stretch marks (knock on wood) and that my butt still fits into my non-knocked up bikini bottoms. I was a little nervous to bare so much stretched skin, but I really couldn't bring myself to cover it up. We’re headed on a mini beach vacation for 4th of July though, so we’ll see if I’m still feeling that way at 35 weeks!

What about you: Did you rock the bikini during pregnancy?


Podcast #51: The Log

On this week's episode: The media's portrayal of attachment parenting, making sure your Mother's Day is awesome, picking a sunscreen and what not to say to a pregnant woman. This week's Little Victory has to do with a log, and not the kind that comes from trees.

Listen to the podcast here.

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