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Second Time’s The Charm


Mother's Day Brunch 2013Greyson is already 11 weeks and it’s been a while since I’ve posted. By the time my oldest was this age I was dealing with, and had written about so many challenges -- complications from an emergency c-section, a baby with colic, breastfeeding problems, postpartum depression, etc. I had a lot to write about because it was so H.A.R.D. In my case for not writing much lately - no news is good news!

I’m relieved and ecstatic to share that the the past 11 weeks have been amazing and so easy (comparatively speaking...because let’s face it. Raising kids is hard no matter what).

First off, my planned c-section went smoothly and my recovery was fast! I was walking comfortably within a couple weeks and feeling pretty good after a few weeks. And this time around I've had no issues with my milk supply. Phew.  

Now for the fun part. Greyson is a doll! He’s a mild-mannered sweet and happy little guy  - assuming he’s rested and fed. He loves his sleep. I’ll just put it out there... having an “easy” baby is so much fun! I remember longing for this experience. My husband and I keep asking ourselves, “Is Greyson really that easy, or is he just easy to us since we had such a hard time the first time?” Who cares, we’ll take it!!

Not so say we don’t have new challenges...

The challenges that we’re facing are not around a new baby but with helping my 3 year old daughter transition into a world where she has to share “mommy.” She’s the sweetest big sis to her little brother, however she’s expressing her frustrations and need for attention by acting out towards me... It’s mentally and physically exhausting. Every day we work on it.  Anyway, this will make a nice little post of it’s own.

For now, I wanted to share that overall, things are going well. So to all of you who assured me that the second time around wouldn’t be as hard, thank you!!




Thinking about Baby No. 2 - What do I need to know?

I got the chills reading typing the title of this blog post. After dealing with a colicky baby for four months and then postpartum depression I didn’t think I’d honestly be considering having another baby so soon. But I am, and I’m really excited!! 

I visited a neighbor who has a three-week-old baby boy. He is adorable, squishy, no head-control, squirmy little thing. I held him until he fell asleep in my arms. It was the sweetest thing and almost immediately I thought to myself, “I want another.” It’s hard to imagine that Tazzy was once this size now that she is a crawling machine.

Now, thinking about baby No. 2 doesn’t mean that we’re trying for No. 2. It just means that it’s a topic of discussion and that we’d like to have a baby sooner rather than later.

Tazzy is going to be a year old next month and we’re in this amazing place right now. We’re having a blast together and I am not sure I want to add anything (like the possibility of morning sickness) to the mix but at the same time I’d love to have my kids be close together…not to mention that ideally I’d like three. Ask Josh and he’ll tell you his number is two.

For those of you have two kids, what went into the thought process? What things should I take into consideration before going down this path? Would love to hear about your experience having to care for two kids vs. one.