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Advice Needed: Transition to Big Boy Bed Before Baby #2?

As you guys know, I’m due with my second baby in August. I'm trying to decide if I should transition Nic, who just turned two, to a "big boy bed" now, or if I should wait after the baby is born. Currently, he's very happy in the crib and he's never tried to climb out, but I have some concerns with waiting until the baby is here to make the switch. Do I move Nic out of his crib now or after the baby is here?

Here are the two scenarios I'm considering (but I could be missing a better option):

Option #1: Keep Nic in his crib until a few months before the new baby will be ready to sleep in their shared bedroom (baby will be in a co-sleeper with us for the first several months).  Then, about a month or two before we’re ready to put the baby in the room with Nic, we’d transition Nic to big bed, and leave crib empty for at least a month. After Nic is adjusted to the new bed and the crib has been empty a while we would move the baby in. This seems like a great plan, except for two things. First, I’m going to have a planned c-section (I promise to write about my VBAC thought process!), and I won’t be able to lift Nic in and out of the crib for several weeks. Second, I really don’t want him to feel like he’s being pushed out of the crib by the baby, or for us to feel a time crunch to move him.

Option #2: Get big bed now and get Nic used to it before baby #2 comes. His preschool teacher even suggested giving him the choice between crib and bed each night since we have about nine months until we really need the crib. My primary concern with this situation is that even if he's well-adjusted to the bed before baby arrives that he'll regress and start getting out of bed at night when baby comes. All we need is two night-waking kids!

I would LOVE to hear what you all did and how it worked out for you. I need your advice! 


Pregnancy Dreams


Late last night my husband Clayton woke up to go to the bathroom. When he got back in bed, I tucked in close to him, half-asleep and struck up the following conversation:  

Natali: "Trees."

Clayton: "What?" 

Natali: "Trees."

Clayton: "Okay honey." 

Natali: "And also, Steve Jobs." 

Then I fell back sound asleep. 

I was aware of what I was saying. I just wasn't quite aware of why I was saying it. Perhaps because trees have been attacking us lately. Perhaps because I've been reading the Steve Jobs biography. Or maybe I should just chalk it up to pregnancy dreams, which anyone who has ever been pregnant can tell you, can be gnarly! 

Or maybe the spirit of Steve Jobs is using the trees to send us a message? is no help to me with this one. There is no entry for trees/Steve Jobs. Thoughts? 


Bedtime Routines for Mommy


I’m sure we’ve all heard about the importance of a bedtime routine for our babies.  A series of activities like baths, bottles and stories helps them wind down for the night and drift peacefully off to sleep.  It never occurred to me that I should have a sleep routine too, but after reading this article on sleep rituals, it makes SO MUCH sense.

I often find myself lying in bed for what seems like hours trying to fall asleep (and I don’t think I’m the only one with this problem).  With laundry to fold, clients to service and bottles to fill, I find myself working (either for my man, or THE man) right up until the time I crawl in bed.  Then, once in bed, I usually catch up on a few blogs in my Google Reader and play a round of two of Words with Friends (anyone want to play?  I’m nghafouri!).  No wonder my body and mind needs some time to chill before it actually falls asleep.

I’m going to try to remedy this.  I like the idea of reading in bed for a while before turning out the lights for some pillow talk.  I know it’s not a full-on routine, but it’s a baby step.  Do you have a sleep ritual?


The Transition: Two Naps to One Nap


Reese is 13.5 months and I’m still putting her down for two naps - only for her morning naps, 75% of the time she ends up just playing in her crib for an hour. I go in after 30 min to check her diaper (because if she is pooped she definitely will not fall asleep) but lately she’s not pooped. Is she ready to transition to one nap? 

On the days where she skips her morning nap I get her out of her crib, feed her a snack/bottle and then take her out, usually to the park for an hour. Then I give her an early lunch and off to bed she goes for her “second” nap around noon. By this time she’s exhausted and passes out. She usually sleeps about 2 hours, sometimes 3.

According to Marc Weisenbluth, author of "Healthy Sleep Habits", Happy Child “At twelve months of age, 82 percent of children have two naps and 17 percent take only a single afternoon nap. But by fifteen months of age, 43 percent of children are taking two naps and 56 percent take a single afternoon nap.”

I feel like transitioning to just one nap at 13.5 months is a bit young. Don’t you think? But maybe Reese is just part of the 17 percent who are ready for one nap. Reese seems to do just fine off of one two-hour nap (although sometimes a bit tired in the early evening) so I should just face the facts. On the days when Reese takes just one nap, like Weisenbluth suggests, I simply put her to bed a little earlier. This seems to be working for us. He also says that the transition to one nap can take a few months.

How old was your little one when they transitioned from two naps to one nap? How did you know they were ready? And was the transition easy?  


Smart Moves for Sleepy Parents


When Reese was just four months old I shared my energy boosting tricks with NewParent magazine writer Alexa Joy Sherman.

Do you remember the first few months after being home with your first baby? Those sleepless nights, early morning feedings, tired beyond belief? Everything was exhausting, especially because it was all so new. I remember it like it was yesterday. 

Sherman highlights seven tips to help parents get through this energy draining time.  And in my opinion, I think these tips are helpful for all Moms no matter the age of their child.

  1. Chew the right thing
  2. Sip incessantly
  3. Get outside
  4. Give yourself a hand
  5. Bust a move
  6. Take naps
  7. Take care of yourself

Take a look at the full article here to get more details on these tips! What are some of your energy boosting tricks?