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The New Happy Hour

Instead of meeting up at a bar, we gathered in my living room filled with an exersaucer, play mat, books and toys galore. We enjoyed a glass of wine and snacks while our babies played with each other. The conversation revolved around sleep (nap times, night sleep, routines, sleep training…it amazes me how this topic never tires), feedings (many of us are enjoying the introduction of solids), our husbands (their involvement with their babies), the joys and challenges of motherhood so far, this, that and the other. This happy hour is a great way for me to incorporate some of my old life back into the mix and stay social.

The Special Bond Between Mothers (doesn’t need to include wine)

Getting together with a group of moms is like getting together with some of your closest friends even if you've only just met. We can talk about our babies incessantly without being totally annoying; we can laugh and sympathize with each other at first time parenting blunders (I accidently fed Taz too much milk once and it all came back up). But for me, mostly it's a safe place, kind of a support group where there are other moms who are going through similar experiences. It also gives you and opportunity to brainstorm and ask questions. There is a special bond between mothers that's hard for me to explain but if you're a new mom you know where I'm coming from.

This is the bond that I share fellow Mommy Betas Natali, Jennifer and Nathalee. I don’t know what I’d do with out them.  I think I cried straight for the first couple of months after brining home Taz and they were all there for me more than they could ever know. They are amazing Mothers, wives and friends and I'm so fortunate to get to share my experience of motherhood with them.

Mommy Groups…for that matter Daddy Groups too

I’m a huge advocate of Mommy groups.  If you aren’t a part of one I think it’s a great idea. For those who work full time, even if you can’t attend a mother’s group in person sometimes it’s nice to be able to ask questions over email or just communicate with other mothers online. This goes for Daddies too!

I think I found my new Friday afternoon activity. Cheers to the new happy hour! How do you keep social with other mommies and daddies?


I Don’t Think This is What They Mean by Co-Sleeping

In the last week, I’ve gotten desperate.  I’ve tried everything to get Nic to sleep.  Two weeks ago, he was taking two to three naps per day (totaling at least three hours) and sleeping 11 hours straight through the night.  And then everything changed. 

He got sick.  He was congested and coughing, he didn’t want to sleep, and we didn’t want to let him cry when we knew how uncomfortable he was.  We were patient with him and let him get away with a few missed naps and night feedings.  But now he’s better, and he’s still not sleeping.

And when I say I’ve tried everything, I mean it.  The other day, I actually climbed into his crib to see if me snuggling him would help him sleep.  I’m pretty sure even people who co-sleep would say that’s a bit extreme.  Last night, I actually held him in my glider all night long because every time I laid him down, he'd sit right up and rock back and forth for as long as I would let him.  Currently, Nic is asleep in his stroller in his room because the little straps keep him from sitting up and rocking.

This post isn’t about asking for advice.  I’m going to be assertive and let you guys know that I’m taking advice from Nic’s pediatrician rather than the interwebs.  I guess this post is part venting and part acknowledgement of those people who told me, “You’ll get a great routine, and then everything will change and you have to start over.”

So, as I start over, I’m taking a big deep breath and instead of stressing over him not napping regularly, I’m trying to focus on enjoying the extra time we have to play together.


Why I Love 4 am Feedings, Really


No one else knows my baby like this.  No one else knows the way he sleepily snuggles his head into my neck when I pick him up from his crib, the way he wiggles and bends and scrunches himself until I have him nestled at my breast.  And most importantly, I am the only one who knows how, when he’s sated, he puts his hands behind his head and settles into my lap, saying “Thank you” and “Good night” all in one gesture.

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