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Pregnancy Dreams


Late last night my husband Clayton woke up to go to the bathroom. When he got back in bed, I tucked in close to him, half-asleep and struck up the following conversation:  

Natali: "Trees."

Clayton: "What?" 

Natali: "Trees."

Clayton: "Okay honey." 

Natali: "And also, Steve Jobs." 

Then I fell back sound asleep. 

I was aware of what I was saying. I just wasn't quite aware of why I was saying it. Perhaps because trees have been attacking us lately. Perhaps because I've been reading the Steve Jobs biography. Or maybe I should just chalk it up to pregnancy dreams, which anyone who has ever been pregnant can tell you, can be gnarly! 

Or maybe the spirit of Steve Jobs is using the trees to send us a message? is no help to me with this one. There is no entry for trees/Steve Jobs. Thoughts? 


Where's Your Baby? Tied To The Lamppost, Of Course! 

A friend sent me this article about how it is common in Denmark to park sleeping babies outside of restaurants while parents go in to dine. To us over-protective American parents, this sounds shocking but put aside your indignation for a second and imagine how liberating this could be! 

Baby is asleep? Don't mind if I do! 

How often have you maneuvered your stroller into a not-so-baby-friendly restaurant? I've done it countless times in tiny New York City establishments. 

Excuse me. Pardon me. Sorry. Excuse me. 

How often do you give someone a dirty look for bumping in your stroller while your little one is asleep? Or being too loud? 

And if it is a restaurant that allows smoking, isn't the fresh air nap so much better for baby? 

This is utopic and not something I am advocating. We do this to dogs in the US but not humans. I don't even like parking my empty stroller outside of restaurants when the management asks me to, for fear of someone swiping it. But it is amazing to think of how other people can have such intrinsic trust in their community to put a wall between themselves and their precious sleeping babies and then take a moment to themselves to enjoy a latte or glass of wine. 

Not for me. But good for them! 


Sleeping Kitty

I couldn't help share this picture. Tazzy fell asleep in the corner of her crib curled up like a kitten. :)  She is a crazy wild sleeper. While she sleeps all the way through the night, she moves a ton! I'll periodically check on her via the monitor and she is never in the same position. She gets this from her Daddy because I usually wake up in the same position I fell asleep in.


My Sleep Secret

Before Elle was born, my mom and I were browsing Babies R Us and came upon a few musical crib toys. There were so many options! I narrowed my choices down to two, but which one should I pick?! “Do I choose the rain forest or the pink girly one?? Let me check Amazon for reviews real quick.”

The pink one didn’t have that many reviews, but I went with it anyway and we LOVE it. It’s called the Fisher Price Perfectly Pink Dream Soother and boy is it handy. It has three settings: one for just music, another that plays music and shows a little lit up screen where you see little princesses moving around and the final option includes the music, lit screen and a full-blown projection out of the top that plays a cute little projected images of princesses, clouds, etc. on the ceiling.

We use the third option in the mornings when she isn’t supposed to be up yet – it entertains her for a while. I use the second setting to distract her into sleep in her naps and we use the first setting when we put her down at night.

The soother doesn’t work every time, but it has definitely helped more times than not. I would totally recommend it or another of Fisher Price’s soothers. I’m so glad my mom bought us one – thanks mom!

What are your secret sleep weapons?


Accepting Defeat


After some major sleep battles, Nic was finally sleeping much better. But of course, he now has a new cold and last night was full of unexpected wake ups. I felt so frustrated when I heard him start to cry at about 11:30 pm. My mind raced with all kinds of thoughts about it:

  • He doesn’t feel good, so I need to go to him (rather than keep up with the sleep training).
  • I know feeding him at these wake ups helped to cause our previous sleep issues.
  • Is every little cold (this one seems pretty minor) going to cause sleep disturbances?
  • How do I teach him to cope with a minor illness?

So, I went to him. But I was determined not to nurse him—I wanted to rock and bounce and sing until he was calm enough to lie back down. Wow, was that naïve! I tried everything I could think of for about five minutes of absolute wailing (even a sippy cup with water), and he just wasn’t having it.  Defeated, I sat down in the glider, fed him, and cried. What was I going to do in a few months when he is weaned and I can’t just let him nurse for comfort? Have I made a major mistake in using feeding as my primary way to sooth him? I felt angry, helpless and beaten.

This morning I have a bit more perspective. Of course Nic is going to be pissed when I try to change the way we’ve done things for almost a year. And once he’s weaned, it won’t be the end of the world to break out a bottle in the middle of the night for emergencies (we’re going to try to wean to milk in sippy cups rather than bottles). I also need to stop putting so much pressure on myself about this whole “sleeping through the night” thing. Yes, he’s 11-months-old and he SHOULD be sleeping through the night. But, he’s not. And it’s not for lack of trying. I have to recognize that he is such a good boy, and I can live with this small transgression. And I need to stop feeling like an insufficient parent because of it.