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Celebrating Chrismukkah


We're celebrating Chrismukkkah this year. My husband and I celebrate Hanukkah with his family and Christmas with my family. We’ll continue to honor traditions from both holidays. And when Reese is older we’ll explain the significance of each.  

For now, here is my attempt at combining traditions from the two holidays.  

The Tree: In stead of having a red, gold and green Christmas tree (like I've done in the past) or a "Hanukkah Bush," I decorated our tree with royal blue and silver ornaments - Hanukkah colors. 

Wrapping: I wrapped gifts in blue and silver Hanukkah paper and also found some blue and silver Christmas paper. To make sure Santa was still included, I found some fun silver wrapping paper with Santa's face all over at Target. Man I love that place! 

Stockings: I was going to go with blue stockings but I wanted to keep our set from last year. They are red, green and white and they have our names embroidered on.

Menorah: We decided to go with a simple and modern menorah. We'll be lighting one candle for each night of Hanukkah, progressing to eight on the final night. 

Books: Reese is a huge fan of lift-the-flap books. We have Where is Baby’s Christmas Present? and Where is Baby’s Driedel? She loves flipping the flaps on each page looking for what ever it is she should be looking for.

Dreidel: I found a large wooden dreidel at Target. I know Reese is going to love playing with it!  This will be Reese’s first gift of Hanukkah.

Opening Gifts: We will be exchanging Hanukkah gifts, one every night of Hanukkah. These are all small gifts and on the last day we'll exchange our main gift. We'll open most of our Christmas gifts on Christmas morning… maybe a couple on Christmas eve.

Santa Clause: Of course we can't forget good ol Saint Nick! We took Reese to visit Santa and well you can see for yourself that she's not quite a fan yet.  

Food: My favorite part of the holidays -- cooking and eating! This year I'm hosting Christmas Day dinner. Turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes & gravy and some type of dessert. I've never cooked a turkey so wish me luck! And if you have any easy and good recipes, please send'um my way! 

Then the following day we're going to celebrate a Hanukkah dinner at a friend's house. She's making brisket and latkes (aka Potato Pancakes - YUM!). 

So that's how I'm combining the two holidays. I wonder when Reese will be old enough to understand that our family celebrates two holidays and not just one. I hope I don't confuse the gal! If you celebrate Chrismukkah how do you incorporate traditions from both?



Homemade Stocking Stuffers


I'm no Nathalee, but I did a little homemade Christmas project myself this year. I made play dough to put in Baby Mo's stocking stuffers. Look at these!  

This wasn't a very hard or time consuming project but I do not really enjoy crafts very much so I was proud of myself. I used this recipe with some gel-based food coloring and packed my concoctions in glass jars I found at Target.

I know store-bought Play-Doh is supposed to be non-toxic - and it probably is - but I still like the idea of homemade gifts that we can all enjoy. I just hope the dough isn't hard as a rock in a few days! 

My husband gave me a little talking-to recently about over buying for Baby Mo. Sound familiar? I had to clamp down on buying toys to put under our tree no matter HOW good of a deal they were or intellectually stimulating the toys may be. But home made play dough for the stockings? Now how could he object to that?  

What are the homemade goodies that you put for your little one under the tree or hanging in a stocking this holiday season?