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Go the F Back to Sleep


That’s how I felt this morning at 5:30am when my son woke up to play. Actually I think it was closer to 5am. 

When we transitioned him into his big sister’s room we gave him this adorable glow turtle to keep him company in his new big crib. It’s the Twilight Turtle from Cloud B. My daughter has had and used the Twilight Ladybug since she was a year old and loves that is changes three different colors. It’s only over the past few months that she started sleeping with it in her bed, which is really sweet.

What’s not so sweet is that we gave Greyson his own lightup Turtle and he too takes it to bed with him but loves it so much he woke this morning at 5:30am to play with it!

So my plan is to hide these adorable little glow creatures for a day or two. I hope the kids don’t freak out.  I’ll tell them they’re on a trip and will come back soon. Once they return, the new rule will be that the Turtle and Ladybug can keep the kids company in the their room but not in their beds.

Now off for some much needed coffee.