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First Family Vacation 


We just got back from a very relaxing vacation in Maui. We stayed in Kaanapali near Lahaina. It was our first real "Family" vacation where it was just the three of us - Me, Josh and Reese. We've traveled a lot with our extended family and friends but never just on our own. It was really special. 

Every morning we'd eat breakfast outside on our patio, which had an ocean view. Reese would wake up stoked and say "Eaty shereal outside?" Then we'd get ready to head to the beach or pool where we’d relax for a few hours. We'd come back to our condo for an afternoon nap and then get up and head to the beach or pool again, followed by dinner out. Tough life huh?! I was able to get through three non-parenting books and took a long nap every day (talk about luxury), without having to worry about errands I needed to run or chores that needed to get done. Aside from beaches and pool time at the Ritz we went on a Sugar Train ride, which Reese loved, watched a couple of Hula shows and walked about downtown in Lahaina. A few things that made our trip a success:

  • Lodging: We rented a condo so we had a kitchen and lots of room
  • Location: Not knowingly, the condo we rented was 5-10 minutes away from beaches, resort pools, beach parks, restaurants & shops, Sugar Train and more.
  • Research: We did some preplanning and compiled a list of different activities and beaches we could visit while we were there. This helped navigate our days without being overly planned.
  • Baby Gear: We didn’t need a stroller, which was nice. We rented a car seat with our rental. And we rented a Pack’n play from this rental company. They dropped off the pack’n play so it was at the condo waiting for us when we arrived and picked it up the morning we left.
  • Eating: We packed lunches some but also ate out a lot. We used Yelp! to find local hot spots. My favorite was Ono Tacos in Lahaina.

It was so much fun to spend time together as a family. It was really special, just the three of us.

The nearly perfect trip has to have a little drama right? When we boarded our flight to return home, Reese was already over tired. We thought she would snooze a bit during the long flight home but even after being up for 10 hours straight, no luck!  She cried the last hour and a half of the flight. Ugh, dreadful! We were those parents with that kid! I with I had brought earplugs and chocolates to share with nearby passengers like Jennifer once suggested but since we’ve never had any issues it didn’t even cross my mind. Luckily the other passengers were sympathetic.

Needless to say we all made it home in one piece and it was all worth it. We had an amazing vacation and I look forward to our next!


To Party or Not To Party? 


In just a few short months Reese is going to turn two. Can you believe it? The time has just flown since her birth. Last year for her first birthday we hosted a birthday party, that was more for us than her. Brunch, party favors, cake, pinata and ballons! We celebrated that we had successfully made it through the first year as new parents and toasted to many more. 

This year I'm not quite sure what to do...if we'll do anything. I've been pinning birthday ideas and am leaning toward a little tea party. But Josh and I have also thrown out the idea of a family vacation to celebrate her 2nd birthday. Maybe Hawaii?! Warm weather, the beach, Mai Tai's. Or maybe just visiting each set of Grandparents and spending time with them. 

This all sounds fabulous! But would I be depriving Reese of a special memory of having an actual party with cake, ice cream, decorations and friends? Would I regret not having these memories for myself? No photos? I've also considered doing the family vacation and then having a very small birthday party - inviting just 2-3 of her buddies for some cake and ice cream.

Please weigh in here. What did / will you do for birthday No. 2? 


When Star Ratings Don’t Matter


I love staying at hotels! A freshly made bed, housekeeping and room service! And I especially love the little chocolates left on my pillow. But I’m finding that no matter how nice the room is, hotels just don’t cut it when traveling with a child.  No kitchen sink for washing those dirty bottles or sippy cups, no stove for whipping up a quick meal or microwave for warming up said (leftover) meals, or refrigerators for keeping milk or snacks fresh. You get the point. 

Capitola Beach. Photo taken with Instagram.My husband and I are huge fans of renting homes from sites like VRBO and Airbnb. Most recently we went to Capitola with my in-laws and rented a house just a 5-minute walk to the beach. It was amazing!

We just rented this one in Anaheim for a family vacation. My brother promised my niece and nephew a trip to Disneyland so we’re all going along for the adventure. I don’t think I visited Disneyland until I was 17 years old and Reese gets to visit before her 2nd birthday.

So back to the house we’ll be staying in. It has 5 bedrooms, a deck and a pool!  It has a Disney theme so I know the kids will love! To top it off, the house is toddler friendly and equipped with a pack’n play and high chair, children’s plates, books and toys. Finally, when we did the math, it’s much less expensive per person to rent a house than to rent hotel rooms.

Anyone have experience using VRBO or Airbnb?


MommyBeta Podcast Episode 20: Stakes On A Plane

What are the stakes for flying with a lap baby? Should you wear your baby during take off and landing or not? And should you pay your nanny when you're on vacation? We discuss all of this, plus Natali's post about how to edit together your videos a bit more professionally. 

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